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the incredible world of energy

“There is a world of energy in and around us, an entire dimension of experience that is just beneath the threshold of normal consciousness. Subtleties of feeling, thought and energy exchanges move between people and within rooms or places. This world of energetic phenomena is potent and powerful, filled with forces that move and shape us.”
Is energy affecting you?
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What a participant says
“I’m often uncomfortable in social situations. I tend to think, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I fit in? Why am I not like others who seem to be having such a good time?”
Gradually, I came to realize that I am sensitive. I feel overwhelmed and bombarded. I feel the disturbance that most people live in. And the intensity of these emotions and thoughts just knocks me over.
Once I came to understand energy, a whole new way of living has opened for me. Now I see the energies at play in situations. And I can handle my own energies in whole new ways where I stay centered and authentic. I feel so much more empowered. Instead of being brought down, I can use my energies to lift situations to a more fulfilling level.”
Are You Energy Sensitive?
Most people sense energy. You might notice it as a heightened sense of well being in places where the energy is good, such as out in nature, or with certain people.
Or you might also notice energy in moments where the energy is not so good, perhaps experiencing it as discomfort in a social situation.
Energy sensitivity is an immense gift, opening us to the depths and richness of life.
But it can also be challenging, even problematic. You can feel so much that you’re bounced around this way and that by the energies of the situation.
The Science Of Energy
A new science of energy is emerging. It portrays the human energy field (aura), the energy centers within the field (chakras), and the channels through which this energy flows (meridians)
This science reveals the way energy and psychology affect each other; how our energy creates moods and perceptions, and how our thoughts and feelings manifest as energy.
It provides a master key in understanding relationships. As we’ve all experienced, there’s a ‘chemistry’ at work that makes or breaks interactions. The Energy Science reveals it.
It also reveals a higher dimension to who we are, what, for lack of better words can be called our soul or our higher consciousness.
The Science of Energy sheds new light on human nature, on our spirituality, on our society and, on a most immediate and personal level, on how to find greater happiness.
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What is Energy?
The term energy as used here refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. Within it are vortexes or centers called chakras, as well as channels through which the energy flows. Energy also refers to this same ‘substance’ that is everywhere and within everything in varying rates of vibration.
Why is energy important to you?
Energy for Living
Imagine a blind person stumbling through a room crowded with furniture. And now imagine traversing that same space with eyes that can see. That’s the difference between perceiving and not perceiving energy
Energy is involved in everything you do. Consciously using energy makes your life work better
Access strengths, handle tensions, be more fully you
Energy for Relating
Understand the chemistry between you and others
Accurately read the ‘vibes’ in social situations
Support love to grow because you know the energy secrets
Communicate more effectively
Energy in Action
Handle your energy in whole new ways that empower you and create success
Stop wasting energy
Energy for Spiritiuality
Expand yourself. Reach fuller aspects of Being
Discover a higher dimension of consciousness