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energy for living
energy for living

a new way of living, loving and creating

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Understanding energy opens a whole new way of living and relating







Suddenly you really see what's going on between you and others













And you realize there are reasons for the things you feel













That a normal appearing situation













Has other things going on



Menal stream "wills" her to want what he wants




Powr cord pushes mans will on her

Sexual cord violates womans belly (sex) center

Man collapsing another man 1.jpg
Collapsing another

The solar plexus is the power and will center. It can be used to dominate or control another person. This often results in that person’s solar plexus collapsing and them feeilng disempowered.

Setting your boundaries against violations copy.jpg
Healthy Boundaries

Though another person might use their power in unhealthy ways, you can develop strong boundaries. This deflects the energies coming towards you and keeps your energy intact.

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