The New Consciousness

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the teachings
energy for relating
the chemistry between us

for love, friendship and business

Love can work

Energy opens a whole new dimension of relating and intimacy

More fulfillment in love

* Deeper, richer, more fulfilling love becase you know how to open the channels where love flows
* Meet each others essence, not only instincts or personality
* Keep the sex alive (without viagra!)
* Bring back the romance
* Rediscover each other








Solve Problems - handle difficulties in new ways

The common pitfalls in relationship are energy based

* Solve problems a whole new way - direct, effective, with pinpoint accuracy
* Powerful tools that open hearts and communication, remove walls, and bring back the spark
* No more groping around to find out what’s really going on - get right to the point


Conscious Partnership.png

Overwhelming the other

A man is talking and sharing on the surface, but actually he’s sucking energy. The person listening closes down their field and tries to protect them self.

Dominating through will

Man uses his will to dominate a women. She shrinks back.

Woman cording, man withdrawing

An common relating dynamic that causes much disturbance in relationships is where one partner seeks to connect via heart and belly cords and the other withdraws and puts up walls.